Mobile safari camps are lavish tented affairs with all the creature comforts of a lodge and the added advantages of moving as you explore. They also provide much greater exclusivity than most lodges allow.

If your dream safari is a contemporary take on the expeditions of early explorers, then a mobile safari is absolutely for you. There is something thrilling about sleeping in a tent, no barrier of brick and glass between you and nature, only the romance of lantern light and lullaby of the African night.

This type of journey offers adventurous travellers an original safari experience, complete with walk-in tents, crisp linen on comfortable double beds and en-suite bathrooms with hot bucket-showers. And a team of staff taking care of you. Each evening, you arrive at a new setting to a flawlessly recreated camp… and ice-cold sunset drinks.

Luxury mobile safaris are about an authentic safari experience, stripped of the unnecessary barriers to an intimate, exclusive wilderness experience, without sacrificing any comfort or convenience.