The best family safaris in Africa are the ones
loved by adults and children alike

Family-friendly holidays in Africa are about outdoor experiences, learning and watching your family discover wildlife.  This is where wide open spaces are the classroom and safari guides are the teachers.

Stay at child-friendly safari lodges and you’ll be set to open your family’s eyes to elephants, giraffes, zebras and more.

Our advice is to plan early and book well in advance. At Africa Connection, we specialise in planning family holidays in Africa and know all the favourite family hideaways.

Talk to us about a custom-made family holiday or safari in Africa.

Explore the best countries in Africa for family safaris



Zimbabwe’s legendary holiday areas are working their way up the tourism ladder to become hot favourites in Africa again. Authentic, unique, and inspiring.



Zanzibar lies off the coast of mainland Tanzania, with a legendary status of heady spice plantations, a laid back lifestyle, and dhow sails in the sunset.



Zambia has a legendary history of traditional safaris, with enough space to top the list of uncluttered safari camps in Africa.



Tanzania has three different safari circuits – the popular northern safari circuit, the remote southern safari circuit, and the isolated Mahale Mountains in the west.

South Africa


South Africa’s advantage is the choice of holidays options. Spectacular scenery, multi- cultural population groups, 11 official languages and a massive range of places to visit, things to do and see.



Rwanda features a lot these days in social chatter about the incredible scenery, friendly people and amazing experiences that this tiny compact country in East Africa has to offer.



Namibia is one of the few self-drive destinations in Africa that ticks all the boxes for the independent traveller.



Kenya is the closest safari destination to the UAE and is one of our best sellers for a short safari getaway to see the Big Five. Flying time is four and a half hours to Nairobi. When you get there, you’ll continue your holiday either with your own driver/guide and vehicle, or by air.